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Real Estate Negotiation Skills a Must for All Salt Lake Area Home Buyers, Especially in the Current Market

Salt Lake City, Utah Exclusive Buyer's Agent Benjamin D. Clark

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - Benjamin D. Clark has been awarded the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation, achieved by real estate professionals who have successfully completed formal training in the art of negotiation.  Agents who receive this certification are in the top 1% of all agents nationally.

Buyer's agents with professional negotiation skills are much more likely to obtain better results for their clients. Agents with the Certified Negotiation Expert designation have a powerful competitive edge because of their ability to uncover information effectively, get more and give less during negotiations, and retain control over desired outcomes. 

The Bottom Line: CNE agents have the tools and the ability to influence and persuade others more effectively than agents without professional negotiation training.

The certification training is provided by Negotiation Expertise, LLC, a national negotiation training and coaching company based in Peoria, AZ.  Tom Hayman, the President and owner, is a professional negotiator with 35+ years of experience, including 25 years with Procter and Gamble, a Fortune 50 company. 

Hayman asserts “Any Buyer or Seller who hires a Certified Negotiation Expert can feel confident that they have the best trained agent in the business.  They will get superior results and have better resolution of any issues when hiring a CNE agent.”

Salt Lake’s Best Exclusive Buyer’s Agent just got better!

Buying a home in the Salt Lake City, Utah area? Make sure you hire a Certified Negotiation Expert on YOUR side of the transaction!

If you have excellent credit and will be buying a $250,000-$750,000 home within 90 days and want an agent working exclusively for YOU, call us at (801) 969-8989 or contact us via the link on this page.


Exclusive Buyer Brokerages do not list homes and never represent Sellers.  Their agents represent Buyers ONLY on the Buyer's side of the transaction. They work to get BUYERS the Best Price and Terms when they Buy...

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