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20-30 Year-Olds Help Sustain Utah's Economy

The New York Times printed an article explaining how the percentage of Utah's population in the 20 to 30 year-old range has helped keep its economy strong over the past few years while other areas of the nation have suffered.

The article focused on the job growth sector of the economy, but it is also true that people in the 20-30 year-old range are at the age where they are buying their first homes. When you have more people buying first homes, you have more move-up buyers and the whole cycle moves. Take away the 20-30 year-old demographic and the whole cycle slows down.

Harry Dent predicted a slowdown in the Real Estate market in about 2008-2010 based on the number of people born 20-30 years before. I wonder how much of an impact that has on different sectors of the economy and if there is anything we can learn from that or look forward to...

Utah Demographics - Age - Jobs - Real Estate

(I went back to link to the article, but it is now only available to subscribers)

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The New York Times printed an article explaining how the percentage of Utah's population in the 20 to 30 year-old range has helped keep its economy strong over the past few years while other areas of the nation have suffered. The article focused on… more
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If you are thinking about buying a home in the Salt Lake area, make sure you get an agent on YOUR side Homebuyer Representation, Inc. is the only Real Estate Brokerage representing Buyers ONLY in Salt Lake City and the Surrounding Areas. We do… more
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