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The Crazy Nicknames We Give To Houses

Some of the most memorable homes I've shown are homes that my clients would never buy because of something really unique or bizarre. Still, the house was in some way unforgettable and my day was that much more interesting.

Often when showing homes to clients, we will see a dozen or more homes in one outing. As we discuss and compare the homes, inevitably somebody will give certain homes a name whereby they don't have to explain all the details of the house, but by which each person knows exactly which house the speaker is referencing. This isn't planned, it's just what happens. It's usually a prominent feature, feeling or aroma that becomes the key word.

Here are some of the names I've heard (and used) for houses over the years. My favorites (obviously) are the names for homes that are... let's just say, sub-par. Most are legitimately and successfully used as code-speak to clearly convey a particular house to the others involved in the discussion. See if you can guess why a particular name was used... it should be pretty easy.


The Smoke House

The White House

The Doll House

The Dr. Seuss House

The Pee House

The Crack House

The Pool Table House 

The Candle House

The House that's falling apart

The Hardwood Floor House 

The House with No Coat Closet 

The Tiny House

The Cabin House 

The Crooked House

The Haunted House 

The Dump House

The Incense House

The Bed & Breakfast House

The Tile House

The Swingset House 

The House with the View 

The Dog House (Bird House, Cat House, etc.)

The house where that kid was screaming in the neighborhood the whole time we were there

...and on and on.


If you're an agent, you probably remembered some of the houses that you've shown (or listed!) over the years.

If you have ever looked at homes as a Buyer, you probably helped invent some of these names.


Are there any special names for houses that I have forgotten? Remind me!





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