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Three Tips for Shopping Your Home Loan and Saving Big

Save big by shopping for your home loanOne of your biggest savings when buying a home can come from the simple act of shopping your home loan. 

Shopping for the best mortgage can save you thousands of dollars in up-front costs, and many thousands more over the life of the loan. 

Most lenders are good people trying to provide for their family within the framework of the company they work for. The fact is, however, some loan originators simply cannot offer you the best rate and terms available to you. What they offer depends a lot on how much volume their company does, how much overhead the company has, and how much profit the originator is allowed to build into or take out of the loan.

You shouldn't feel obligated to work with the first lender you talk with. A mortgage loan is a big commitment. If your first choice isn't a good choice, and you haven't yet made a formal commitment to them, you should not feel uncomfortable selecting a better option. Especially when the financial implications are so large.

Three tips for shopping your mortgage loan:

  1. Talk to more than one lender.
  2. Make sure you ask for their best rate AND lowest fees for the type of loan you are considering.
  3. Make sure you ask for quotes from the lenders on the same day and preferably at the same time of day.

Now you know what to do, go and do it!

If you need help, a good Exclusive Buyer's Agent can help you review loan proposals and make sense of them in order to help you make the best choice.

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