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Avenues Homebuyers Find Working with Exclusive Buyer's Agent "Extremely Rewarding Experience"

Salt Lake City Avenues Home Buyers in front of their new homeWe relocated from California at the end of last summer, and having sold our home there, we were excited to begin looking for a new one in the Sugarhouse area.  Initially, we were using a listing agent that was set up for us by the relocation company. 

When it became clear that this arrangement wasn’t working out, we decided to find an agent that was more attentive to our needs and interests.

Our Exclusive Buyers Agent has been excellent at every stage of helping us to acquire our new home.  We had absolutely no pressure to look in particular areas, or to limit the number of homes that we wanted to see, or to rush as we looked at homes.  He set us up with an account, where we were able to store and track homes that we wanted to see, and rate and make comments on homes that we had seen.

On many occasions, he was able to point out characteristics of a home’s location and condition that would affect its value, that we did not observe ourselves.  Whenever we were narrowing in on a property, he would do detailed research for us, so that we would know what range of price was reasonable, and then upon our request, he would submit our offer. 

After almost 5 months of house hunting, we expanded our search area, and soon after, we found a home in the Avenues.  Our Exclusive Buyer's Agent did a terrific job of negotiating and we got the home for $12,600 less than asking price.  We really believe that our agent wanted the best possible deal for us. 

The communication level with our EBA has been beyond excellent.  If you text, phone, or email him, he gets it right away, and gets back to you quickly.  Although it was not the norm, we did have a few late night phone calls with him when we had an offer pending, or something critical to resolve. His level of service was so high that we felt like his only clients.

One of the best things that our EBA did for us was to have us shop our loan in such a way that we could get an “apples-to-apples” comparison, to find out which loan originator truly had the best deal.  We thought that using the bank recommended by our relocation company, and getting the 1% off the loan that went with using them, would be the best deal by far, but after researching a total of 6 different loan sources, it turns out that the worst deal was the one given us through the relocation company recommendation.


If you are on the fence about using an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, we can only say that it has been an extremely rewarding experience for us, and in the future, we will only be buying homes with their services.


If you have excellent credit and will be buying a $300,000-$800,000 home within 90 days and would like an agent who will work exclusively for you, make sure you get an Agent on YOUR side of the transaction! Make sure you hire an E B A!

Call us at (801) 969-8989 or contact us via the link on this page.

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Exclusive Buyer's Agents do not list homes for sale and never represent Sellers. They have no "inventory" to try and push on you. They can represent you in purchasing any home. They are specialists at representing Buyers ONLY on the Buyer's side of the transaction. Exclusive Buyer's Agents work to get BUYERS the Best Price and Terms when they Buy a home...

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