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How to "Shop" Loans and Lenders Part 7 of 7 (Extras/Additional Information)

Mortgage MoneyMany Buyers pay 1-3% too much for their loan in up-front costs, even after "shopping" for lenders. Some choose a lender solely based on which one has the lowest up-front costs, but they end up paying for it by getting an interest rate that is higher than they qualify for. Others unnecessarily pay too much in fees in order to get the lowest interest rate.

Shopping for a loan does not have to be difficult or complicated. The key is to take control of the process, get organized, and make sure you do it right.

Here are some basics on ONE way to shop for a loan. Click each link for more information on each topic:

  • Shop the lenders on the same day and at the same time
  • Make sure all the lenders have the same facts
  • Figure out the TOTAL Cost of the LoanSM
  • Don't skip the "shopping" even if you have a "friend" in the business or a "company special"
  • Ask for References!
  • A few extras (and feel free to ask questions here as well)

    If you know your credit status, lenders shouldn't need to pull it in order to quote you, so long as all lenders are quoting you based on the same credit worthiness (FICO Score, for example, if you have had it pulled for some other reason recently).

    You do need to realize that if you shop this way, and your credit score IS worse than what you told the lenders, quotes will need to be updated based on the new information. There are lenders who specialize in helping only "A" credit borrowers who may not even help you (or may not be able to help you at all) if your credit scores are too low. Likewise, there are lenders who may cost a bit more up front, but who are willing to spend the time and effort to help borrowers with lower credit scores either to still qualify for a loan today, or to guide you through the process of cleaning up your credit enough that you will qualify for a better loan at some point in the future. There is more work involved for lenders who are willing to offer those services, and they should be reasonably compensated for the additional work, if necessary.

    Cheapest is not always necessarily the best.
    Performance, professionalism and full service are important. Empty promises or promises that cannot be kept can actually be damaging to a Buyer under contract on a home.

    Yield Spread Premium -
    Yield Spread Premium is something many borrowers are not aware of until sitting at the Settlement table, if at all. The Yield Spread Premium is money given back to a mortgage broker in exchange for selling you a higher rate than you actually qualified for. The lender may feel they have actually earned this money because of extra work they needed to do on your loan. In my opinion, that is fine, so long as it is disclosed to the borrower up front that the lender will be charging a slightly higher rate than the borrower qualifies for in order to earn this "premium". 

    As a borrower, you should realize that the Yield Spread Premium can be used toward some of your other closing costs, allowing you to bring less money to the table at closing.

    Once again, I simply believe that the borrower should be aware of this so they can make an informed decision about whether or not they would rather pay the lender that extra cost up front, rather than be paying for it at a higher cost (via additional interest) over the next 15 or 30 years.


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