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The New Good Faith Estimate (GFE) Form, Page 2 Section A

Good Faith Estimate Page 2Page 2 of the new Good Faith Estimate (GFE) will look significantly different from Good Faith Estimates of the past.

Section A has 2 parts.

Item 1 is the origination charge, or what the lender is charging you for the loan. This number includes ALL lender fees, combined into one figure. These fees include all the items one used to see listed on Good Fath Estimates as separate line items under such names as:

  • Application Fee
  • Origination Fee
  • Processing Fee
  • Underwriting Fee
  • Document Preparation Fee
  • Administration Fee
  • Wire Transfer Fee
  • etc.

It may also will include any Yield Spread Premium (YSP), or money that a broker may collect as profit on the back end of your loan transaction. (If there is a Yield Spread Premium and it is not disclosed in Item 1, it will be disclosed in Item 2.)

These will ALL now be shown as one single fee, "Our Origination Charge", or basically, all monies paid to the lender and/or broker in order to obtain the loan.

Item 2 discloses your credit or charge for the specific interest rate quoted. What this table shows is that you, as a borrower, may have had an option to select either a higher or a lower interest rate from the lender's rate sheet.

If you were eligible for a lower rate than you have been quoted, or if there was a credit for the rate selected, that credit will be disclosed here in the second box.

If it will cost money in order to obtain the rate quoted (formerly known as "points") that charge will be shown here in the third box

If the lender may also choose to select the first box disclosing only that the credit or charge for the interest rate they are quoting you has already been included in (either added to or subtracted from) the origination charge quoted above in item 1. If this box is checked, you may not know the exact amount of the credit or charge, but it shouldn't matter too much as it will all be included in the Total Adjusted Origination Charges in Section A, the total up-front costs to obtain that loan. If this box is checked, however, you may want to ask the lender if you would have qualified for a better rate.

Cost of the loan, credits or charges for interest rate (points, yield spread, etc.)


Section A is pretty straightforward. Now on to Section B.



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