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"We Wanted to Make Sure We Had an Agent We Could Rely On"

New Construction Home Buyers in their New HomePrior to working with an EBA, we had been involved in four other real estate purchases and three sales and had developed some skepticism toward realtors in general.  This most recent move was our first that wasn’t just to another part of town.  This time, we were to move ourselves, our five kids, our dogs and our cats 300 miles.  We wanted to make sure we had an agent we could rely on.  We shopped extensively and even spoke to a few agents before we found Homebuyer Representation on the web. 

We felt good about working with our EBA from the first conversation.  He directed us to a website that was very helpful in locating the type of home we were looking for.  We identified a number of houses we were interested, and he found others that fit into the same parameters.  Before we even met him in person, our agent had made contact with the listing agents for the homes.  When we arrived in the Salt Lake area, he had the day mapped out.  He was always very organized and had done his homework.  He knew all about each home and had written extensive notes based on his conversations with the listing agents and his own research.  Working with him was a pleasure from day one.  He has a pleasant personality and he always goes the extra mile.  Not a minute of our time was wasted as we looked for our home.

Fortunately our EBA is a patient guy. After looking at many existing homes, we started to become interested in having a new home built.  He arranged meetings with builders and appointments at model homes.  We looked at a number of developments and floor plans.  We finally found a lot, a floor plan and a builder that we really liked.  We had a meeting with the builder and started making plans.  Everything looked like it was going along great until we discovered that the economic conditions had deteriorated to the point that our builder was unable to obtain financing for the project.  We concluded that the deal was good enough that we would endeavor to secure our own financing rather than look for a larger builder.  This turned out to be a feat that neither of us had anticipated.

Our exclusive buyers agent was always there orchestrating communication between the bank, the builder, the credit union and us.  Just as we thought we were finally about to close, we learned that the bank (which would be providing the fixed mortgage) had made some mistakes, and that they would not be able to complete the loan.

We were crushed.  Not only had we had our hearts set on a certain house and lot, but we had spent over three months grinding through the process.  We also should mention that there were several periods of frustration when we wanted to give up on the whole ordeal.  Our EBA was very accommodating and took us around to look at other houses and even introduce us to other builders.  Even though we were very fickle at times, he stuck with us and always went the extra mile.

Although we thought our chance at the house we had picked out was gone, our EBA had spoken with the representative at the credit union.  We had been led by the big bank to believe that the construction loan would only be funded if the permanent financing was done by that particular bank.  Our agent found out that it did not matter where our long term mortgage came from, so he introduced us to a wonderful lender (whom we would also recommend in a heartbeat). He gave her the information, and she said she could make it happen.  In a relatively short time we went from being back to square one to being right back on track.  The rest of the process was painless.  Before we knew it, the loan was funded and our lot was being excavated.  We had not only gained a great new friend, but through his efforts, a transaction that would have otherwise been lost was brought back from the dead.

Even after all that, our EBA was not finished.  He was there throughout the entire construction process.  He helped facilitate various changes and additions to the plans.  He helped settle some minor disputes between us and our builder regarding contractual items. 

As a side note – our purchase contract was very well written.  The Exclusive Buyers Agent we worked with is a very thorough person and ensures that the proverbial I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.  At the completion of our home’s construction, he conducted walkthrough inspections with us and the builder.  He helped us put together a final punch list and followed up to ensure the items were actually completed.

He arranged the closing and prepared us very well, so there were no surprises at the closing table, unlike some of our other real estate experiences.  Even though he had gone well beyond the call of duty, after our closing, he presented us with wonderful gifts to celebrate our new home.  We were touched by his consideration and professionalism.

In our prior home and land deals, we went away feeling that the real estate agents did relatively little for the amount of money they collected from the transactions.  This was NOT the case with our EBA.  He earned every penny of his commission and then some.  Ours was a very long and difficult transaction, this brief narrative barely scratches the surface.  We had high expectations, and he exceeded them

We would enthusiastically recommend our EBA and Homebuyer Representation to anyone looking to buy a home in the Salt Lake City area.  He works diligently and honestly.  Though our transaction was a difficult one, it turned out well in the end because of his hard work and dedication.

Thank you Homebuyer Representation! 

Tyler & Esther
Vice President - Tech College
Lehi, UT

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