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Dentist Using A Microscope While He WorksI was talking with a cousin one evening and it came out in conversation that I was going in for a root canal that week. He asked me if I had heard about Biomimetic Dentistry. I had not. He explained how it was far superior to the average dentist's "drill and fill" philosophy. He told me I should go see Dr. Noot first because there was a good chance Dr. Noot could save my tooth without a root canal.

My current dentist had just filled that tooth a few days earlier. During the 15 minute procedure he stated, "I may have gone a bit too deep. It might be fine, but if you start to feel any really bad pain, you may need to come back for a root canal." (And, of course, a crown.)

It wasn't long before I was in constant, extreme pain. It felt like something was loose inside my tooth whenever I bit down on anything. I consulted with my current dentist and without any additional analysis he said a root canal was the solution.

I met Dr. Noot and his team the evening before I was to go in to have the root canal at my current dentist. Dr. Noot took me in on short notice and took care to explain how his tooth-conserving methods and goals were different from most traditional dentists'.

Here are seven examples of this philosophy in action from my experience:

  1. Dr. Noot uses very small tools and a microscope when he does his work, with the intent of saving as much of the natural tooth as possible. He also captures the whole procedure on a monitor in the room so his staff can more actively participate.

  2. Dr. Noot took high-definition photographs of the actual teeth and showed me the problem areas on a large monitor. This made me feel respected and I felt confident in the procedure without having to blindly take his word that there were problems. Because I was more involved, I was more comfortable with the work being done.

    It was interesting to have him pause and take photographs throughout the process, but I really appreciated it as it allowed me to "trust, but verify" the problem as well as the quality of the work that was done. Instead of being at his mercy to take his word for it, I was able to see the issues and the results with my own eyes. His photos clearly showed the problem areas caused by my previous dentist. Because of this, I'm confident stating that biomimetic dentistry is far superior to the standard practices espoused by the majority of dental professionals.

  3. Dr. Noot and his assistants don't rush the procedure. They waited a longer period of time for the injection to set in meaning less injections and almost zero pain. (Yes, he only had to inject once.) They do everything they can to ensure that the patient avoids any unnecessary pain or post operative trauma.

  4. Prior to re-filling the tooth, Dr. Noot etched the tooth so the filling would bond. (The loose feeling that was causing so much pain was due to the fact that the filling my current dentist had put in just days before was not even bonded to the tooth.)

  5. As he filled the tooth, he filled one small layer at a time, hardening each layer with a lower-level light than most dentists use, allowing it to cure more slowly. This takes more time than the traditional filling, but it eliminates common problems that can arise from traditional filling methods. Many dentists use a few big blobs of filling and harden them really quickly with a high powered light. This is much faster, but the process causes the filling to shrink, leaving gaps between the filling and the tooth. (I saw these gaps clearly in the "before" photo of my tooth.) Since most dentists don't look at high resolution images of their work, let alone perform the procedures through a high powered microscope, these gaps either go undetected, or are considered "normal" and "acceptable" in the profession.

  6. Dr. Noot's technique creates a harder, stronger, natural looking filling, with no gap between the tooth and the filling. He verifies this with the microscope as he works and he sat with me after the work was done to show me the high resolution photographs he took during the procedure. There was no gap between his filling and my natural tooth.

  7. Since the procedure I have had no pain or sensitivity to hot or cold. I'm certain that Dr. Noot saved my tooth and saved me from having an unnecessary root canal and crown, which would have been expensive.

I have no plans to return to my original dentist. Dr. Noot's work is far superior. I'm sure his transparency with patients and the virtually painless experience due to the methods he employs all but eliminate any anxiety his patients may have previously had about going to the dentist.

I realized huge savings by not needing to have unnecessary and very expensive work done, work that most dentists would have considered the recommended next course of action. Dr. Noot's record and reputation prove otherwise. They prove that Biomimetic Dentistry should be the only acceptable choice in dental care.

Benjamin D. Clark
Principal Broker
Homebuyer Representation, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT

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Comment balloon 1 commentBenjamin Clark • November 02 2011 06:19PM


An experience like that is definitely one to be shared, thank you! It's good to know that there are dentists out there that really care and take a lot of time to make sure you feel good and respected by them and their staff. I know that some people struggle with anxiety when going to the dentist, so service like that would really help them to feel more comfortable.

Posted by Lewis Remington over 5 years ago