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My Commitment to Buyer-Clients Purchasing in the Salt Lake City, Utah Area

I have been meaning to draft this document for a while, and finally put it together in response to a conversation I had with a potential client last week.


My Commitment to Salt Lake City Real Estate Buyers

My commitment to you:

1. I will be your Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA). Because our company does not take listings or ever take on sellers as clients, we will never ask you to agree to less than 100% representation.

2. We will not "switch teams" or change allegiance mid-transaction. You will start with an EBA and you will end with an EBA.

3. I will ALWAYS take YOUR side in negotiations.

4. I don't have any interests in any mortgage, title or inspection companies. There are no financial incentives for me to steer you to any "in-house" vendors.

5. I specialize in working with buyers. I don't switch hats from sellers to buyers. I am ALWAYS focused on what is best for the BUYER in the transaction.

6. I am a Certified Negotiations Expert (CNE). I stay current on training. In just a few weeks I'm flying to San Antonio, TX to take a full-day course on Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Buyer Agents.

7. I will be your consultant, not a salesperson. Because I list no homes, I have no "inventory" to sell. I have no properties that I'm legally obligated to promote to buyers. An agent or company with listings cannot make this claim.

8. I contract directly with you for my fee. If any other party is offering any compensation to our brokerage, I will credit that toward what you owe. Because I know I will get paid in full, I will not steer to you to homes where there is more compensation being offered to buyer agents and I will not steer you away from homes where less (or no) compensation is being offered.

9. You will not double pay for the service you receive. If you buy a home where less or no compensation is being offered, we will lower our estimate of value accordingly. 

10. I will not make more than we contractually agree on. If compensation from another party exceeds the amount we have agreed upon, Homebuyer Representation, Inc. will rebate the difference to you within two weeks of closing.

11. We pass "bonuses" or incentives on to you. If there is a bonus being offered to our brokerage above normal compensation, you can choose to credit that toward your fee or have us pass the bonus on to you in the form of a rebate within two weeks of closing.

12. There is never any chance for me to be influenced by the temptation of receiving a "double commission" or agent "bonus."

13. I will tell you everything I learn about a seller or a property that will help you in negotiations or that could influence your decision to move forward with a transaction or that could change your opinion of the value of the property.

14. I will keep information that could damage YOUR negotiating position confidential.

15. I will use legitimate comparable sales when determining an estimated market value for the home. I will not simply choose the homes that justify the seller's asking price.

16. I may advise you to walk away from negotiations with a seller. Walking away could lead to a better outcome.

17. If it is in your best interest, I will help you take your transaction apart and I will protect your interests while doing so. My goal is to do what is in your best interest... my goal is not "closing the deal."

18. I will show you any available properties you wish to see.

19. I promise full & exclusive representation on any home you wish to buy, not just homes listed by other companies.

20. I will educate and guide you through the process, but all decisions will be yours. I will obey any lawful instructions you give me regarding your transaction.

21. You will always control the price range of homes we consider. I will not try to convince you to raise your price range. If anything, I have been guilty of talking some clients into a lower price range.

22. Although I am not a professional home inspector, I will point out any flaws I see with properties and not just focus on the benefits.

23. I will advise you to talk to neighbors during the due diligence period. If you desire, I will go with you.

24. I will assist in putting you in contact with appropriate professionals to help with your due diligence if desired.

25. I will help you buy with resale in mind. I have shown many thousands of homes to hundreds of buyers. Based on my experience, I will point out to you floor-plan, location and other issues that may negatively impact resale value or the ability to find a buyer down the road.

26. I will try and help you save as much money as possible when you buy so you will make that much more profit when you someday sell.

27. If you wish, I will help you correctly "shop" lenders and evaluate their proposals and offerings. I will prepare an analysis that will show you the total cost of each loan. We typically save our clients 1% of the purchase price (up front) on this analysis alone. Over the life of the loan, clients usually save many times more. Although I will provide a few lenders I believe you should shop, I want you to provide me with some options of your own. This keeps the best lenders honest, knowing they are competing for your business each time we contact them.

Above all, I commit to put your best interest first in your transaction.

Benjamin D. Clark
President & Principal Broker
Homebuyer Representation, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 969-8989

Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)
Certified Exclusive Buyer Agent (CEBA)
Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)
Graduate REALTOR Institute (GRI)
Officer - National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents
Member - National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents
Member - Salt Lake Board of REALTORS
Member - Utah Association of REALTORS
Member - National Association of REALTORS
Author -

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Comment balloon 2 commentsBenjamin Clark • January 16 2012 09:31PM


Great list!  I do this, too (except for th ecompensation part), but I never thoguht to list these benefits like this.  Very effective! Using an en exclusive buyer agent is such a no-brainer, but soooo hard to explain!

Posted by Linda Walters almost 8 years ago

Hi Benjamin, very nice.  Michigan has legal issues that govern agency.  If we don't represent the buyer we automatically represent the seller!  Pretty easy to explain.  Now adding the service with the explanation makes it much nicer.

Posted by Gary White~Grand Rapids Home Selling Pro Call: 616-821-9375, Real Estate Services You can Trust! (Flexit Realty "Flexible Home Selling Solutions") almost 8 years ago