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McMansions... Are you lovin it?

McMansions are here, would you like a side of fries with that?

Builders build them and buyers buy them, but what is the allure?

A McMansion neighborhood is a development with super-sized homes on dollar-menu lots. These are usually built by a single builder and would be considered "tract" homes by anyone who owns a "real" mansion. These are not to be confused with "estates" regardless of what the nice rock entry to the community might say.

mcmansion homesI have clients who have lived in peace in nice neighborhoods: either quaint, turn of the century era bungalow communities (no... the OTHER century...) or neighborhoods where homes were spaced out on one-third to full-acre lots surrounded by mature trees, wildlife and a slow pace.  Now, developers are being allowed to tear down homes, trees, and other amenities to create the McMansion neighborhood in and around these areas that were previously desirable specifically because they LACKED what the McMansion developments bring to town.

Who is to blame?

I honestly cannot blame the developers, even though they are the ones building the McMansions. Builders LOVE to build McMansions (they are even building Mc Mini Mansion neighborhoods) because they can build more homes on less land which equals more profit.

mcmansion quoteThe blame surely must fall with the governmental agencies that are allowing the developers to put these developments in these desirable areas. Governments ignore the negative impact on those who previously occupied the areas because a McMansion community in a desirable area brings higher tax dollars (and more of them due to the same reasoning above).

Don't get me wrong. I'm not making a claim that the Government is taking land from anybody to do this. They are only "enabling" the developers by approving the McMansion subdivision paradigm.

Speaking of "enablers" there should be equal blame placed on those who purchase these homes since if people would outright refuse to buy these homes, developers might stop building them.

mcdonald signStill, can you really blame them for buying less than what they really want because the price seems so good?

Isn't that what you get at the McBurgerHouse as well?


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Comment balloon 3 commentsBenjamin Clark • March 08 2008 10:16PM


Many people don't have the time or want to take care of large yard, and want a lot of indoor entertainment space.  McMansions seem to be the results of many parties.

Posted by Deborah Burns ~ Seattle Real Estate Agent (Realty Executives -BRIO) over 11 years ago
Deborah - You are certainly correct! Some people want a large home and no yard, but don't want to live in a townhome or condo. A McMansion is perfect for them. (By the way, I do help people buy them!)
Posted by Benjamin Clark, Buyer's Agent - Certified Negotiation Expert (Homebuyer Representation, Inc.) over 11 years ago
Wow. This post was a dud!
Posted by Benjamin Clark, Buyer's Agent - Certified Negotiation Expert (Homebuyer Representation, Inc.) over 11 years ago