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New Construction Buyer ClientsBen was recommended to us by friends of ours who previously used his services to purchase a house. We knew when we would begin looking and also knew from our friends that he only accepted a limited number of clients at a time. So, we called him early in order to reserve his services a few months down the road. Even though we were not officially signed with him, he spent time answering our questions and helping to get us prepared for the process of buying a house. As we had a house to sell, and didn't know where to start with that, he looked up information and statistics on agents in our area, contacted the ones with the best results, personally pre-screened them, and gave us the top three that he would suggest we meet with in order to make our final decision. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. He took time out of his busy schedule to meet with people that he would start working with, in three months, maybe. That's just the kind of guy he is. He actually cares about you and getting you into the house you want.

Our house hunting adventure lasted longer than anticipated. We looked at over 100 homes. Ben never once tried to pressure us into lowering our standards, or to settle for something we didn't want. In fact, he encouraged us to stick to our guns and be patient. He assured us that we were not being unreasonable in trying to find a home that met our needs in the price range we wanted. Most other Realtors would have been pressuring us to lower our expectations, raise our price range, offer more on houses than they were worth, or otherwise lead us astray in order to make the sale and get their cut. Let's be honest, a lot of real estate agents are interested in making as much money as quickly as possible and really don't care how they get there. Ben truly wanted to help us buy the home that we wanted at the price we targeted. He was patient and supportive. When necessary, he made himself available after normal business hours to discuss issues and next steps in order to accommodate our schedules. Due to him choosing to limit his number of clients, you truly get personalized attention. He knows exactly what is going on and is great at communicating and returning calls. I know that real estate agents are often hard to get a hold of. I swear that most of them are ninjas and have had official training in avoiding you. When you do finally get a hold of them, they really don't have a clue as to what is going on. You're just a name on an extremely long list of clients. Ben is different. He is readily available and knows exactly what is going on.

After looking at 120 homes over the course of several months and not finding what we were looking for, we entertained the idea of building a new home. We were hesitant about process due to our lack of experience. Luckily, Ben has extensive experience in both new and existing home purchases. We often relied on his previous experience and vast knowledge to guide us in making choices (amount to offer, when to walk, contract optimization) in both existing and new home negotiations. We whole-heartedly trusted Ben and we knew his opinions and advice were truly in the best interest of getting us the house we want.

Ben has a network of resources that he leverages for you throughout the entire process. His past experience and dealings with them have proven his resources trustworthy and highly skilled. Ben introduced us to a lender who offered very competitive fees and rates. She, like Ben, was interested in helping us succeed in getting the best home for the best price and terms. We spent a lot of time with her on the phone discussing options and the best path forward. In fact, even after we made the decision to go with the builder's mortgage company (due to a builder incentive that could not be matched by outside lenders), she continued to quote us rates in writing in order to leverage the builder's company to offer a more competitive rate - which they did. She even offered up some creative ideas to help us reduce our monthly payment and best of all, the interest we paid over the life of the loan. Because of her willingness to help us in spite of our commitment to another mortgage company, we received a better rate, a lower payment, and saved a ton of money. Thank you, Ben, for building meaningful working relationships with other professionals that benefit your clients.

We highly recommend working with Ben. He is trustworthy, awesome, and actually cares about his clients. 

Jeff & Jen, Engineers, West Jordan, Utah

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