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Our overall home buying experience with Homebuyer Representation was great. This is my second home I have bought with Ben and I have been very pleased from start to finish. Ben was always with me and very supportive through every process. I chose to work with him the first time because he had helped my son buy his home and he came highly recommended (actually he did not give me a choice, he said I HAD to use Ben). Our first house was great for almost nine years. Because of age we sadly had to move to a more accessible house and did not even second guess our choice to go with our same agent. Ben is very candid and shares an honest opinion which is a fresh change, you don’t just get a “yes man” when you use Ben.

We chose to work with an Exclusive Buyers Agent because it’s nice to have an agent in your court and on your side.  We have dealt with agents in the past who just want to show you the properties that they have listed, or homes that may offer a high commission. It feels very scripted and not natural. We have never felt this way with Ben.

Ben was able to get us an AMAZING deal for our house and he truly knows his stuff. He has a keen insight in houses and can even foresee issues with a certain neighborhood or house in the future and will openly share his thoughts. (Once again, awesome that he is so candid in his feelings!) He was very aggressive (but not to the point of being rude) on cutting every deal possible to get us the best value. We were sometimes even happy with a deal and he would come back to the builder with a better deal and would get that deal to our surprise. From finding the right area to choosing the best colors for our cabinets, I felt like I was Ben’s only client, he made himself available to spend time with us when needed. 

Had we worked with a traditional sellers agent, we definitely would not have gotten the deal we wanted. We would have most likely settled for a smaller home in a less desirable location because we would not have someone looking out for us on a constant basis. We would not have got the price we got with all the amenities we wanted.

The price analysis and negotiations were awesome.  Ben is a total expert in what he does and we would not have gotten this house if he had not been there negotiating for us all the steps of the way. He also pushed for the house to be completed on the day the builder originally said which made our moving transition experience very comfortable. It’s those little details that make the world of a difference.

Thanks Ben!

Erika Diaz

*Exclusive Buyer's Agents (EBAs) work for Buyers ONLY and are looking out for their best interests: To help them get the best home at the best price and terms for the BUYER ... not the best price and terms for the seller.

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