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credit score meterI came across this while reading an article today about financing and the state of the real estate market. I thought I would check it out (since it's free, right?) and see how accurate it could guess my credit score.

Well, I have to say, it was pretty accurate! Obviously this isn't a substitute for the real thing, but if you are a Buyer, you could use this to give a pretty close to accurate estimate to an agent or a lender when they ask you how your credit is.

If you know your score, click through, give it a shot and tell me if you think this thing is pretty close or not.

It takes about 2-3 minutes total to get an estimated credit score.

One caveat: This will only be as accurate as the data you put into it, so be completely honest.

Here's the link:




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Comment balloon 4 commentsBenjamin Clark • March 27 2008 12:03AM


By the way, the estimated result comes from experian...
Posted by Benjamin Clark, Buyer's Agent - Certified Negotiation Expert (Homebuyer Representation, Inc.) over 10 years ago

wow!  Great link!  It is very accurate.  However, the range it gave was a 70 point range.  Depending where someone actually falls, the 70 point range can make or break somebody.

As you know, credit scores of 679 or 700 can make a big difference for a borrower.

Posted by Rick Tourgee, Provincetown and Cape Cod (Robert Paul Properties, Inc.) over 10 years ago
Rick - You are right about the range. This isn't a substitute for the real thing. But it can give first time buyers an idea of what their scores might be. Often people mistakenly believe that if they haven't had a lot of credit in the past, their score won't be very high. This just isn't true. No credit is certainly better than very bad credit. Most people also don't realize that they have built up a credit history with cell phone bills and other monthly services they may have been using.
Posted by Benjamin Clark, Buyer's Agent - Certified Negotiation Expert (Homebuyer Representation, Inc.) over 10 years ago


Ben,  I'm adding this as a link to send my clients.  Especially the ones that want to know but don't want to pay. 

Posted by Paul Howard, Paul Howard Realty, 856-488-8444 (Paul Howard, Broker, Paul Howard Realty 856-488-8444) over 10 years ago