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The Utah Real Estate Purchase Contract: Walk-Through Inspection

inspecitonWhat is the purpose of the Walk-Through inspection? What are the Buyer's Rights? What happens if the Buyer fails to conduct a walk-through inspection?

Here is section 11 of the Purchase Contract:

11. WALK−THROUGH INSPECTION. Before Settlement, Buyer may, upon reasonable notice and at a reasonable time, conduct a "walk−through" inspection of the Property to determine only that the Property is "as represented," meaning that the items referenced in Sections 1.1, 8.4 and 10.2 ("the items") are respectively present, repaired/changed as agreed, and in the warranted condition. If the items are not as represented, Seller will, prior to Settlement, replace, correct or repair the items or, with the consent of Buyer (and Lender if applicable), escrow an amount at Settlement to provide for the same. The failure to conduct a walk−through inspection, or to claim that an item is not as represented, shall not constitute a waiver by Buyer of the right to receive, on the date of possession, the items as represented.

Section 1.1 is the section on "Included Items"
Section 8.4 deals with repaired items from the Inspections
Section 10.2 deals with warranted items (Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)

As stated in Section 11, even if you were not to do a final Walk-Through, it doesn't waive your right to receive the property according to those terms in the contract.

We will, however do a walk-through. It will be somewhat close to Settlement, but after any agreed upon repairs are done and after the Seller has moved out, if possible.

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