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Finding a home to buy in Salt Lake City UtahMost in the real estate industry represent sellers. Training seminars and classes for agents are heavily focused on increasing listings. "Get more listings" is the industry secret. "It takes 4 times as much time to work for a buyer as it does for a seller." When listings generate calls and inquiries from buyers, sell the houses or hire new agents to write up the paperwork for the buyers, top producing agents are told.

Ironically, this whole setup leads to buyers not really getting a real estate AGENT at all!

An AGENT is supposed to represent a client. To be loyal to them. To educate them. To disclose information that will help their client and keep information confidential that would weaken their bargaining position. An agent should keep their client informed of all their options.

Contrary to industry training, a buyer's agent should not be a salesperson. A buyer's agent should not be obligated to push and sell specific product, but should rather represent the best interests of the buyer at all times and in all ways.

Buyers are generally far less protected in a real estate transaction. The industry-wide fixation on listings and production leads to buyers buying homes because they benefit the seller and/or the listing agent. Was it the best house for that buyer? Maybe. Was the buyer shown other options? Maybe not. And after a buyer's offer on a house is accepted, the seller's agent may never make them aware that they have rights and ways out of the contract if the home turns out to be less than represented.

Buyers are often customers in a transaction rather than clients. Seller's agents regularly convince buyers to sign limited agency agreements. These agreements limit the amount of representation the buyer receives, while allowing the listing brokerage to collect both sides of the real estate commission. According to the National Association of Realtors, in almost a third of all real estate transactions, buyers say that they were never told that they had the right to have an agent that would work ONLY for them.

Buyers CAN hire an agent who will work exclusively in their best interest. This undivided level of service cannot be offered to a buyer by an agent with legal obligations to sellers to market and promote specific properties.

Exclusive Buyer's Agents do not list homes and will not ask you to limit your level of representation. They will be 100% on your side during the transaction, representing YOU, negotiating on YOUR behalf and protecting YOUR interests. Homebuyer Representation, Inc. represents Buyers ONLY in Salt Lake County, Utah. We do not list properties and we look out for our client's best interest. We offer loyalty, accountability, disclosure, confidentiality, obedience and care to our clients in their transactions. Our policy is to always do what is best for the buyer.

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